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This website is not active any more. Please use www.j-sracingusa.com

FD2 J's Racing is a super well known tuning shop specializing in Honda / Acura vehicles. Their performance products are race tested repeatedly and proven for the durability and the effectiveness.

PPI has been distributing J's Racing parts since 2008 for North America. We are glad to help the Honda / Acura enthusiasts to modify their cars with the excellent parts from J's Racing.
tsx s2000 fit gd fit ge
dc5 dc2 fd eg
ep3 crx insight crz

Jan 09, 2010
Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. J's Racing will display its S2000 & Insight

Jan 01, 2010
New prices effective Jan 01

S2000 Rear Wide Fender Kit

Fit GE Stellar V LED tail unit

Performance Intake Pipe for DC5 & EP3

Sport Steering Suede/Red leather limited edition

C304 Stainless Exhaust System making debut

J's Racing 2010 desktop calendar

J's Racing mouse pad

Sport Steering in three versions

Rapfix steering removal J's Racing edition


In recent days, we have found products that have infringed the J's Racing Trademark and our Trademarked designs as well as "cheap copies" of our products. It is important that our loyal customers around the world and all racing enthusiasts are not fooled by these cheap copies. These items have not obtained certification to be produced or to be sold with the authorization from J's Racing Co. Ltd.

The "copies" we have found are far inferior to the actual J's Racing parts in durability and craftsmanship. These designs are substandard to the genuine J's Racing product line. At this time we have found numerous products being sold in the Asian market regions. But we have also found these products being sold in areas around the world. These products are similar in appearance and some have the actual "J's Racing" budging logo on the parts.


With an understanding these products are not far inferior to the J's Racing standards for performance and reliability, we urge you, for your protection and safety that orders that you place are from Authorized J's Racing Co., LTD Distributors from around the world. You can find our Authorized Dealers on our website at


AUTHENTIC J's RACING parts have the inscription, J'S RACING. J's RACING and our Distributors around the world cannot support any illegitimate and counterfeit products so please, purchase only through our Authorized Dealers.

Thank you to our Loyal Customers.