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Corporate profile

Performance Partners International (PPI)
18039 Crenshaw Blvd #310
Torrance CA 90504 U.S.A.
Tel 310-324-0281
Fax 310-324-0281

* Company & business model

Performance Partners International LLC is a new company with the objective of Sales Distribution and Marketing of key Japan Domestic Manufactured (JDM) automotive after-market products in the U.S. Our business model is based on selling to Automotive Performance Shops and OEM Dealerships which understand and appreciate true JDM products.

Our sales strategy is to utilize the Performance Shops to extend our marketing reach through their sales and to capitalize upon it through sales to the OEM Dealerships.

Our target is to be on the forefront of the JDM after-market sales and marketing to take advantage of the Japanese OEM's positioning to become the top OEM's in the USA. Since 1931, an American OEM, GM and Ford have held the #1 OEM in the USA. It is widely expected that Toyota will over take GM as the #1 OEM by the end of 2008 and both Honda/Acura and Nissan/Infiniti are expecting significant growth with new launches this year.

PPI LLC will provide synergistically after-market performance parts that target both new and older automobiles to enhance performance and appearance. *

* Company Mission Statement

Performance Partners International LLC is dedicated to the growth of our brands and our customers by providing seamless Distribution Management, Customer Service and Innovative Sales and Marketing management. We will continue to develop new and innovative strategies which will expand our company in partnerships with our valued customers and JDM suppliers by focusing on our core values.

Our Core values:
• To provide the highest standard of customer service, communication and information to our customers and partners.
• Ensure the highest quality of JDM automotive brand partners.
• Provide an environment of growth for our customers and partners.
• Provide superior service in all aspects of business sales, marketing and distribution.

Currently we are Authorized Distributor for

J's Racing (Honda & ACURA)
Fujita Engineering (Mazda RX7, RX8, Miata)

ATS (Performance drivetrain parts)
Ings (Performance aero parts)

and Authorized dealer for
Mine's (Nissan GT-R, 350Z, and others)

* Marketing

The products are marketed and promoted by wide-raging of media use. In addition to the performance magazines such as Super Street, Modified, and Import tuners, we also promote the products as a life style in On-line, magazines and TV. We are working on a Network TV show which is scheduled later this year to feature empowerment and racing as a life style.

* Personnel

Tom Yamaguchi - Tom has an extensive experience sale and marketing management with 13 years as National Sales Manager for the Yonex Corporation and as Executive Vice President for Genesis Direct and managed all relationship with the premiere professional sports leagues in the USA. These included the NBA, NFL, NHL and NASCAR. More recently, Tom managed the business development group for the FOX Kids Network, part of the FOX Media Group.

E-mail   tom@performancepartnersintl.com

Yasu Fukui - With a passion for racing and performance cars, Yasu founded and managed ATS USA before creating PPI. (ATS is headquartered in Okayama Japan. ) He has extensive relationship with many performance shops in the U.S.

E-mail   yasu@performancepartnersintl.com